15 scary Halloween nail arts design

Need to add a special touch to your Halloween costume?
Get the most impressive manicures to scare your friends.

Halloween is one of the best holidays to express our creativity and I think that adults can have more fun than kids to find something freaky to wear.

Costumes, decorating, candies, partying, and candiiessss, are what makes this day very fun and scary at the same time.Want to dress like a zombie this year? You want something to fit with your sexy dress for your party? I have something for you.

Here 15 awesome nails art to try this Halloween 2014!

1. Zombie Halloween Nail Art Design


2. Bat girl Halloween Nail art


3. Spider Halloween Nail Art Design


4. Jason mask and blood Halloween Nail Art 


5. Zombie Halloween Nail Art Design

Zombie halloween nail art design

6.Bloody Fingerprints Halloween Nail Art

Bloody Fingerprints Halloween Nail Art

7.3d Effect Scars Halloween Nail Art

3d Effect Scars Halloween Nail Art

8. Spider and black sparkles Halloween Nail Art

Spider and black sparkles Halloween Nail Art

9.  Crazy Zombie Halloween Nail Art

Crazy Zombie Halloween Nail Art

10. Wall of bricks Halloween Nail Art Design

Wall of brics Halloween Nail Art Design

11. Skull Halloween Nail Art

Skull Halloween Nail Art

12. Pumpkin Halloween Nail Art

Pumpkin Halloween Nail Art

13. Frankenstein Halloween Nail Art

frankenstein halloween nail art

14. Candy Halloween Nail Art

candy halloween nail art

15. The Mummy Halloween Nail Art 

the mummy halloween nail art

Happy Halloween 2014


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Review Day: Dove- Go Fresh Revive Body Mist

I know, you are probably going to think that this product isn’t fancy…
Why am I talking to you about this?… Let me tell you, my friend, that
this body mist smells freaking good.

Dove Go Fresh Revive body mist (pommegrenate  and lemon verbena scent)Dove –Brume pour le corps Go Fresh revivifiant  grenade et verveine citronelle

Dove-Go Fresh Revive body mist (pommegrenate & lemon verbena scent)

Like really! Few days ago, when I went to work, I sprayed this thing in my office and I heard my colleagues say: ’’ but where that smell is coming from? It smells so good down here.

I must say that Dove made a good move on this. If you are the type of woman that doesn’t like to wear strong perfume, then this is for you. It’s lightweight, smells good, no need to put a lot, you can put it in your bag (thank God because I love this thing) and it is really affordable (I bought mine less than $10) Oh, and you can use it after a good work-out so you can smell gooood.

So for me, Dove -Go Fresh Revive body mist pommegrenate & lemon verbena scent
is a  »Must-Have »


 Dove -Go Fresh body mist
1. Go Fresh Cool Essentials Body Mist (cucumber & green tea)
2. Go Fresh Revive Body Mist (pommegrenate & lemon verbena)
3. Go Fresh Rebalance Body Mist (plum & sakura blossom)
4. Go Fresh Energizing Body Mist (grapefruit & lemonglass)
5. Go Fresh Burst Body Mist (nectarine & white ginger)

Did you tried them? What do you think about Dove- Go fresh body mist?
Tell me I’d like to know 🙂

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Quote of the day: Being beautiful

being beautiful

Hello beautiful!
Today I share with you two quotes that are powerful to me. I say powerful because these words inspire me to believe in myself as a woman, but more importantly as a human being. In the society in which we live, it becomes more and more difficult to take the time to appreciate ourselves because all we see is the negative image of a woman and they try to make us to look like them. Do you feel ugly sometimes? I do. It can happen to anyone. But, the most important thing it’s to give us the chance to believe in ourselves and to learn how to bring out the beauties that lie within us. Don’t do it to please others. Do it because you want to bring joy and positivity in your life.


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Review Day: I tried Mac with e.l.f

I tried MAC and e.l.f

Hi Fabulous! So today I decided to talk to you about MAC and ELF, 2 beauty brands that I used to achieve this look.

MAC cosmetics

 I’ve been using this brand for about 3 years. This is like one of the only company that can give me the real shade for my skin tone. (Black girls can relate…it can be frustrating to find something good for our skin, when it comes to makeup and stuff).
I don’t have a lot of products from them but so far, I love what I use in a daily basis.

mac powder studio fix and mac concealer

x Studio fix powder  NW45

It’s amazing i’ve been using this for years and I’m still loving it
Easy to use, blends wonderfully, gives a matte finish, worth the price and last for months.
I’m telling you this is a GREAT powder!

x Pro longwear concealer Nw40

First time trying this one and guess what?? I like it too and it’s the BEST thing to apply on my skin when I need to hide my under-eye circles.
-I chose a lighter shade than my foundation because that’s what we have to do for concealers 🙂
-I like the fact that it came with a little pump, *Be careful to not press too hard on it because u’ll get too much and you don’t want to waste it.
-I applied this with a blending wedge and let it dry for few seconds before applying my foundation powder.

E.L.F Eyes Lips Face

I discovered this brand online this summer and I bought a bunch of stuff from them. So far, I’m very satisfied of what I have. Since I’m from Canada, the only way I can get the products is via their website and i’ve wait 2 weeks to receive it.
But overall it’s amazing you should try it!

mac studio fix, mac pro long wear concealet, e.l.f. eye liner, e.l.f 150 piece geometric eyeshadow palette, e.l.f. brownie points luscious liquid lipstick

x 150 piece geometric eyeshadow palette ($15.00 it’s 50% off)

I’m new to makeup and this stuff is absolutely great for beginners like me. Colors are amazing, it has good pigmentation, u can apply it easily and last for a good time.

x Midnight Liquid eyeliner ($1.00)

My everyday liner! Because of it’s thin applicator it takes a couple of swipes to get a perfect line but it’s ok for me. It doesn’t irritate my eyes and I can take it off easily before I go to bed 🙂 That some good stuff for a dolla… I can’t complain 😉
x Brownie points luscious liquid lipstick ($1.00)

OK this lips gloss is a bomb, It is so great that I use it almost everyday. The color is awesome for my skin tone ( it kinda look natural) It’s shiny and it has a little mint scent. I will continue buying these because i’m in love.

You want them? I listed the product links for you

x Studio fix pouder    http://goo.gl/HNu2Cp
x Pro long wear concealer    http://goo.gl/Xeozwh

Eyes Lips Face (e.l.f)
x 150 piece geometric eyeshadow palette    http://goo.gl/Bmdg3y
x Midnight Liquid eyeliner    http://goo.gl/DQ6eI2
x Brownie points luscious liquid lipstick    http://goo.gl/wGibkr
x Blending wedges    http://goo.gl/AVQ1zS

Id like to hear from you ! Have you tried it too? Share something you love about MAC or with E.L.F:)


Inspiration for fall 2014

Beige, brown and blue set

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Review day: Day 2 night from E.L.F.

I tried the day 2 night and it's amazing. // J'ai essayée le Day 2 night et c'est super!

I tried the day 2 night and it’s amazing. // J’ai essayée le Day 2 night et c’est super!

Have you heard about E.L.F (Eyes Lips Face)?

Their products are awesome! You can find everything for a perfect makeup and a trendy manicure for a very, very, very affordable price. You can find lipgloss for 2$, eye liners for 1$, nail polish for 2$, and more! Seriously this is more than great. Oh! And their natural mineral makeup is without parabens, preservatives or chemical dyes. What can you ask more for a pretty face?

Website: www.eyeslipsface.com (English) or www.eyeslipsface.fr (French)

Product of the day: Day 2 night- e.l.f. Essential Brightening Eye Color #2018

Day 2 night- e.l.f. Essential Brightening Eye Color #2018

Day 2 night- e.l.f. Essential Brightening Eye Color #2018

Price: 1$ usd

Pros: Easy to apply, long lasting, good pigmentation, good for sensitive, dry,oily or normal skin, daily use and various shades.

Cons: The mirror? Joke! It’s absolutely amazing!

Link of the product: http://goo.gl/ZXXelb

Review on youtube on this product for light skin or dark skin tone:
Dark skin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=562ANTFSmQo
Light skin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35cT70z1wwA


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Quote of the day: Pure Beauty

Hey! Here are two quotes that I love. Yes it talks about beauty, but not the one that you can see by your style or makeup but the beauty within you. Learn to love yourself and to love others. Life will reward you in every beautiful ways.


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