15 scary Halloween nail arts design

Need to add a special touch to your Halloween costume?
Get the most impressive manicures to scare your friends.

Halloween is one of the best holidays to express our creativity and I think that adults can have more fun than kids to find something freaky to wear.

Costumes, decorating, candies, partying, and candiiessss, are what makes this day very fun and scary at the same time.Want to dress like a zombie this year? You want something to fit with your sexy dress for your party? I have something for you.

Here 15 awesome nails art to try this Halloween 2014!

1. Zombie Halloween Nail Art Design


2. Bat girl Halloween Nail art


3. Spider Halloween Nail Art Design


4. Jason mask and blood Halloween Nail Art 


5. Zombie Halloween Nail Art Design

Zombie halloween nail art design

6.Bloody Fingerprints Halloween Nail Art

Bloody Fingerprints Halloween Nail Art

7.3d Effect Scars Halloween Nail Art

3d Effect Scars Halloween Nail Art

8. Spider and black sparkles Halloween Nail Art

Spider and black sparkles Halloween Nail Art

9.  Crazy Zombie Halloween Nail Art

Crazy Zombie Halloween Nail Art

10. Wall of bricks Halloween Nail Art Design

Wall of brics Halloween Nail Art Design

11. Skull Halloween Nail Art

Skull Halloween Nail Art

12. Pumpkin Halloween Nail Art

Pumpkin Halloween Nail Art

13. Frankenstein Halloween Nail Art

frankenstein halloween nail art

14. Candy Halloween Nail Art

candy halloween nail art

15. The Mummy Halloween Nail Art 

the mummy halloween nail art

Happy Halloween 2014


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