Quote of the day: Joy

Today I chose Joy

Hey! It’s quote day! Last week I shared with you an amazing quote that makes me understand that we have to wish for what we truly desire in life, and of course believe in it to the fullest so it can happen. This sunday, im sharing with you a short but important quote about joy.

« Today I choose joy! « 

Yes I choose joy today. Did you?  Being busy, being stressed, being unhappy is a choice. Imagine if we chose to let our pain, our frustrations, our fears,… away just for a day. You’ll change your ways of seeing life. 

Do something funny, think happy joyful things,do something that makes you and your surroundings  happy.  It can only be good for you.

Watch a funny movie, sing your favorite songs, play your favorite games,  make food, go to new places, create new projects with your kids( or siblings, or best friends) they’ll be happy to be a part of it, and you will be happy to bring joy in their lives.

These are just  a few exemples I would do. I hope you’ll find something to bring joy in your life today.



4 Last Minute Outfits for Thanksgiving Dinner

Whether it’s for entertaining guests or visiting family and friends for a good meal on Thanksgiving, the question that often comes up is: What to wear at Thanksgiving?  Well, comfort is a high priority and you need a nice looking outfit.
Thanksgiving is coming in less than a week. If you need something quick, pretty and affordable to wear, take a look to these outfits to inspire you.

A little red dress to keep it simple

affordable thanksgiving set
Wear these nice ankle boots with this pretty red floral dress by Kensie. ♦Add a chic cross-body bag so you can put this awesome red lipstick from Gucci in it. ♦ A gorgeous Ralph Lauren bracelet to highlight your entire look.

We all have a little black dress in our closet

cute outfit for thanksgiving

It’s a must have. If you don’t have one, this Vero Moda dress is a good choice ♦ Add some color with these Madden Girl pumps. It is the perfect bed for your feet. ♦ You will also need a chic clutch, a nice lipstick, and jewelries like some earrings and some bracelets.

A nice casual outfit

Nice outfit for dinner
The perfect casual dress is this one from Kensie.♦ Add a cute pair of tights♦ A pretty ankle boots by UGG♦ A unique and original clutch♦ A highlight of purple with a nail polish, a Kate Spade earrings and some eyeshadows ♦A cute infinity cham necklace and a nice lipstick. And your casual look is done.

A classy black and white set

pretty black and white outfit

This geo-printed Alfani dress is verry pretty you can wear it with a nice pair of black and white heels and a cute Aldo bag♦ Add a lovely chain bracelet and a chandelier earrings from Forever 21♦ And finally, use this two sides for two effects lipstick to complete your look
Most of the articles are on sale! Hurry it won’t last for long
Have a nice shopping time and Happy Thanksgiving


20 Stylish Winter & Snow boots for Women

20 Stylish Winter & Snow boots for Women

There it is! Snow ended up falling in Canada. It is time to pack our shoes and start wearing our beautiful winter boots. If you are like me and you tend to hibernate during the winter, this year, there is no way to do so. Why stay at home when you have one of those trendy pairs of boots? Let’s go out and show our beautiful boots to the world!
Here is a selection of 20 winter boots. Of course, it is important to know what kind of boots we need before chasing them in the stores.Is it a pair of boots for winter activities, a sexy pair of boots to go to work, a nice pair to walk with style or a pair for a cocktail hour?

Stay warm while looking at your best

Stay warm while looking at your best2

1. Rudsak    2.Ugg    3.Sorel    4.Keds    5.Helly Hansen

Business women must-haves

business women must haves

1. Firgie cove over the kneee    2. Aquatalia by Marvin K
3.Michael Kors    4.Steve Madden    5.Ugg

Conquer the elements with style

Conquer the elements with style

1. Santana Canada    2.Santana Canada    3.Ugg
4.Helly Hansen    5.Timberland

Chic and comfy

Chic and comfy

1. Ugg    2.Jessica Simpson    3.Edesa  
4.Steve Madden    5.Toms
Have a nice shopping


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Quote of the day: Believe

wish it, believe it, and it will be so

Yay! It’s quote day! Last week I shared with you an inspiring quote about the emotions that we all need to master in order to be able to increase our potential. Every Sunday i’m looking for some words to elevate myself and today, it’s about belief.

« Wish it, believe it, and it will be so » by Deborah Smith 

More and more, I understand the importance of believing in ourselves and that our environment is a reflection of our thoughts. Today, I’m sharing with you an exercise that I did. It’s simple we simply have to write on a sheet what we believe and what we want to manifest in our lives.
It’s like making a grocery list but with our most cherished desires:
Personally, financially, spiritually, what you want in your relationship with your love, your family and with your friends. In each categories, write what you want and be very precise.Then, you have to repeat that list out loud or read it every single day (as if were  learning a new song) and take action to make your beliefs come true. But do not forget, positive thoughts equal a positive living.
That is why, this quote took all its sense to me. « Wish it, believe it and it will be so »…
So, I wish to become a self made millionaire, who loves her job and who chooses her own hours of work and her own days of work. I wish to be a woman that has success with her blog. To be a confident woman, healthy, cheerful, friendly, happy, friendly, a loving woman… I wish to be a wonderful mother, wife, sister,daughter and friend.
I hope you will try this exercise. It’s always interesting to set goals. Especially, if they are intended to help us to  understand who we are and what we want in life.

-BwL ♥

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My obsession: Sweatshirt dress

BwL sweatshirt dress

So ladies, here is my new obsession since the past two days. Sweatshirt dresses!! I read an article on a blog, just like that, totally random and I fell real hard on what she was wearing. This morning, I was digging in my closet and I found one. There is no need for me to explain how excited I was to see that I already had one! I wanted it so bad that I bought this, since last winter. (ok that’s a weird sentence but you get the point) I guess it was meant to be for me to have one.
Swearshirt dresses are great asset for women. It allows to put our feminine curves in much more evidence while keeping us warm. It is the perfect clothe to look cozy and cute.

Here is my wishlist of sweatshirt dresses.

I love this shoulder-cutout sweatshirt dress. It would be perfect for holiday.  

Bar III Dolman-Sleeve Shoulder-Cutout Sweatshirt Dress

Everything is on point. That dress made of Italian tropical print, the bag, her shoes…everything! Sweatshirt Dress

A nice textured sweatshirt dress to stay cozy all day long.

Textured Sweatshirt Dress

I really like this original OAK sweatshirt dress

OAK Oversized Sweatshirt Dress

White, grey and black striped dress

Lauren Ralph Lauren Striped Cotton Sweater Dress

I love the side pocket of this sweatshirt dress

Bar III Three-Quarter-Sleeve Sweatshirt DressHow to stay classy with a casual sweatshirt dresscasualThis drop-shoulder sweatshirt dress from Banana Republic is very cute   Boucle Sweatshirt Dress

Cold weather is already at our doorstep and it is for sure that I’m gonna buy more sweatshirt dresses. This thing is freaking confortable.


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DIY Eyeshadow lipstick

DIY Eyeshadow lipstick

Hi fabulous! So I wanted to try different colors on my lips just to see if I can wear anytype of color or not. And you know what I did to find out?? I used my eyeshadow palette!! Yes,yes,yes I did this hihihi 🙂
Okay! So hum.. I thought at first it would be stupid to do that but It wasn’t. Why?  Because I’m not the only one who thought about that. Actually many makeuplovers on Youtube did this, I was pretty surprise tho. Anyways let me show you what you need to do to create your lipstick with your eyeshadows.

DIY Eyeshadow lipstick

You will need:

esos lipbalm eyeshadow petrolium jelly

lipbalm, eyeshadow, petrolium jelly


1. you need a lipbalm to moisturize your pretty lips
2. choose the color in your eyeshadow palette that you want to use
3. apply the color to your lips with your finger (or you can use your eyeshadow brush)
4.apply to your lips some vaseline (or your favorite petrolium jelly)
5. Voilà!
Pretty easy hennn? I tried softpink, purple, brown,black, redwine..even orange but it doesn’T look good on me 😦 Like at all. I think I’m going to try some blue or green, to see how this color looks on me before buying a good lipstick.
beauty with luxury
                       before and after purple lipstick
If you have some tips to share with me on this method, feel free to comment and give me your advice. Thanks.
Talk soon xoxo,


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Review day: 3 piece hypershine lipgloss set from e.l.f

hypershine lipgloss

Hey beautiful! Today I’m sharing with you my experience with some lipgloss that I got from E.L.F. Yes, E.L.F again. Why? Because I’m a huge fan of them. I bought like 12 products last summer, but unfortunately, I can’t show you them all because most of them are done and my unboxing video disappeared from my laptop  😦  Anyways, let’s talk lipgloss ladies.
So, I bought the 3 piece hypershine lipgloss set from E.L.F (limited edition)

3 hypershine gloss set

Although it is a very good lipgloss and that the price makes it really worth it to buy, as you can see in the previous picture, you can’t really tell that I tried 3 different colors. Am I right?  I realllly thought that there would be a big difference between the shades, but when I applied them on my lips (which are quite dark), I saw no difference between them. I mostly use the vixen and the bubblegum because they are not flashy and they give me a nice shiny look.  I am only using the blossom one when I have to or to mix it with other lipgloss cuz’ this color gives me a weird tone.
Pros: great value it’s $3
Like the smell
Easy to apply
You can easily put it in your purse
I bought it last summer and I still have a lot to use
Cons: It wears off easily
e.l.f. Essential 3 Piece Hypershine Lip Gloss Set

This is the set I bought

e.l.f. Essential Holiday 3 Piece Hypershine Lip Gloss Set

This is the holiday edition

Overall, I like them. I will definitely by some again. Maybe not the set because I want to chose the color I want.
I think it would be a good holiday present for my friend or my sisters thought
Talk soon my beauties.♥


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