Quote of the day: Strength

                                 you are so much stronger than you think   the struggle you are in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow
Hi guys! Here’s two quotes about strength that has positive effects on me.
Each person experiences difficulties every day. Whether at work, at home, with our friends or with our lover, I think that sometimes, it’s important to take a step back and learn to appreciate what we already have. I know, this is very easy to say and hard to do, but our mind is powerful and we must know how to use it to the fullest.
Are you aware of the law of attraction? My brothers and sisters told me about this like five years ago and I didn’t pay attention to it because I didn’t care. Now that I’m older, I took the time to understand what it is and apply it. This law taught me that no matter what I think, with conviction and by repeating it a few times a day, every day, it will happen. I used this method to get a new job and to find some opportunities to get extra cash in my bank account and it worked. I should have listen to my family when they told me about it. I’d probably be a billionaire today!
Anyways, all I want it’s to let you know that this law, can work with negative thoughts as well as positive thoughts. So, whatever problem that weighs on our shoulders, we should stop thinking about the bad things (to prevent them to amplify) and start thinking about some good things like: I’m strong and I have the solution to get through this situation.
Strength lies in your thoughts. By thinking every day that you will find the right solution to whatever you’re facing, you will be one step closer to success.

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