My Christmas look 2014


Hi everyone just taking few minutes to show you my Christmas look heheh and of course to wish you a Merry Christmas! Hope you had a great one with your family and friends.  ♡♡

-BwL xoxo


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cashmere cardigan
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Laundry by Design Hooded Faux-Fur Belted Wool-Blend Coat
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Have a good day oh, and a nice shopping ladies!
-BwL xoxo♡

My Burberry A Special Gift

My Burberry BWL

What great gift to offer to a friend that loves Burberry?

Offer the new fragrance from Burberry: My Burberry! You can personalise the 90ml edition with their initials. This is so cute especially if they love perfume!

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Pretty Party Dresses To Find At Forever 21

In this time of the year, we always receive tons of invitations to go to parties. Yep, office parties, Christmas parties, birthdays of our loved ones born in December, Christmas and the New Year’s Eve all arrive at the same time. I don’t know about you, but I like to wear different things especially if it’s often the same guests who are at our parties. So what dress to wear without breaking our bank account?
This is where our dear friend Forever 21 comes in to play! ‘Tis the perfect store to find the perfect dress and turn heads wherever we go.
You will find pretty party dresses between $15 and $40 at Forever 21. Oh and by the way don’t make fun of my selection :p I’m in looove with laces this season! xoxo– BwL

En ce temps-ci de l’année, nous recevons toujours des tonnes d’invitations pour aller à des soirées. Eh oui, les fêtes de bureaux, les soirées de Noël, les anniversaires de nos proches nés en décembre, Noël et, le jour de l’An arrivent tous en même temps. Je ne sais pas pour vous ,mais moi, j’aime porter des choses différentes surtout si ce sont souvent les mêmes invités qui se trouvent à nos soirées. Alors, quelle robe porter sans se ruiner?
C’est là que notre cher ami Forever 21 entre en jeux! C’est LE magasin idéal pour trouver la robe parfaite et pour faire tourner les têtes partout où vous irez.
Vous trouverez des jolies robes de fêtes entre 15$ et 40$ chez Forever 21. Oh, et ne vous moquez pas de ma sélection.Je suis rendue accroc à la dentelle cette saison! xoxo- BwL
FOREVER 21 Accordion-Pleated Maxi DressForever21 Embroidered Floral Lace DressFOREVER 21 Standout Fit & Flare DressFOREVER 21 Floral Lace Sheath Dress
FOREVER 21 Matelassé Skater DressFOREVER 21 Dynamite Lace Bodycon DressFOREVER 21 Baroque Mesh Babydoll Dress Forever21 Rose Print Shift Dress
FOREVER 21 Lady in Lace Dress Forever21 Velveteen Skater DressFOREVER 21 Pleated Lace Flare DressFOREVER 21 Plaid Apron Dress
FOREVER 21 Wrap Shift DressLOVE 21 Faux Leather-Paneled Dress  Forever21 Geo Matelassé DressLOVE 21 Abstract Metallic A-Line Dress
Forever21 Glitter Lamé Cami DressLOVE 21 Pleated Scuba Knit DressFOREVER 21 Cutout Bandage DressFOREVER 21 Floral Lace Sheath Dress

10 beauty uses of baking soda

Did you know that you could use baking soda other than in your kitchen? Sure, it’s great to clean our appliances, or even our fruits and vegetables with it, but it’s more amazing to use it as a beauty product. Let me tell you 10 beauty uses of baking soda.

10 Beauty uses of baking soda

Yeah, I know, I know, you are probably thinking: Damn this girl is crazy, she wants me to to put chemicals thing on my skin and get burned… Nope, I’m not that crazy. I saw a lot of videos on Youtube on how to use baking soda and it surprised me to see how useful this inexpensive thing is. I’m not a doctor or something like that so I suggest you to read before trying something new,

First thing first, let me introduce you the first benefit

1. For a brilliant smile

I had some problem with my dental hygiene and I decided to try this solution to reduce scale deposit. After 1 week, my dentist saw significant results.

Mix baking soda and a 3percent hydrogen peroxide solution to make a paste. Using your finger, place this paste between your teeth and your gum. You have to let it sit for about 2 minutes and remove it completely with the help of a toothbrush. Don’t rise, drink or eat for at least 30 minutes. Prepare a fresh paste daily.

You can also use it to have a nice body!

It is certain that we are not household products, but we still have to be clean, right? Baking soda has amazing properties for the body.

2.Relax with a detox bath

A detox bath is used to cleanse the body, relax your mind and a good way to boost your health. Baking soda is a pretty good thing that can be used as a detoxing device.

You have to mix it with the same quantity of sea salt and add your essential oil. Lavender is my favorite but you can use the one you like. Soak in your bath for 30 minutes.

3.Radiant skin tone

You need a flawless skin? Me to! I use the baking soda to exfoliate my skin too.

Mix 3 parts of baking soda and 1 part of water to make a paste, rub in a gentle circular motion and rinse clean. You can use this formula every day.

4. Get rid of your blackheads

Yes, dark skin ladies can have them too. I thought I was safe but apparently everyone can have them so everyone can use this method.

At first, clean your face, then mix a teaspoon of baking soda with a cup of distilled water and hold your head over a basin of hot water with a towel over your head (the towel will help concentrate the heat and steam). With your fingers wrapped in cotton, make a gentle pressure for the extraction.

5. Deodorant

You can make your own deodorant with baking soda! To prevent body odor and sweet stains, make a moist paste by mixing baking soda with a little bit of water and apply it under your arms.

6. Have the cleanest hands

Here a good way to neutralize odors on hands.

Make a paste of 3 parts baking soda and 1 part water, or 3 parts baking soda with your favorite gentle liquid hand soap.

7. Get rid of yellow nails

Here’s a simple and easy tip to keep your nails out from turning yellow.

Mix some baking soda with peroxide and rub it on your nails.

8. Spa pedicure at home

You want to have beautiful feet and be able to walk barefoot without being scared whenever you look at them? Then you should try this 🙂

Dissolve 2 to 3 tablespoons of baking soda in a tub of warm water. You can add your favorite essential oil and soak for about 20 minutes. Then gently scrub your feet.

9. Clarifying shampoo

I do this once every 3 weeks because of my hair type but you can use it more often than that. Use baking soda to remove residue and make your hair cleaner and easier to manage.

Add a small amount of baking soda into your palm along with your shampoo and use as normal. Then rinse. It helps to relief your hair from product buildup.

10. Dry shampoo

I am not a fan of dry shampoo but for some people it might be useful. Dry shampoo is an alternative to regular shampoo . It is used to absorbs the oil that makes your hair look greasy.

Sprinkle the baking soda over the top of your head, focus mostly on the roots and finger comb your hair to distribute it.  If you need to, you can add more of it to the tips of your hair.Let it settle in for 5-15 minutes and comb the excess out of your hair.  I suggest you to do this method over the sink because it can get messy.

So that’s my top 10 beauty secrets that I wanted to share with you because it is incredibly effective. Baking soda is THE product to have at home. If you have any other tips to share with me please do not hesitate. 🙂


Review Day: Dove- Go Fresh Revive Body Mist

I know, you are probably going to think that this product isn’t fancy…
Why am I talking to you about this?… Let me tell you, my friend, that
this body mist smells freaking good.

Dove Go Fresh Revive body mist (pommegrenate  and lemon verbena scent)Dove –Brume pour le corps Go Fresh revivifiant  grenade et verveine citronelle

Dove-Go Fresh Revive body mist (pommegrenate & lemon verbena scent)

Like really! Few days ago, when I went to work, I sprayed this thing in my office and I heard my colleagues say: ’’ but where that smell is coming from? It smells so good down here.

I must say that Dove made a good move on this. If you are the type of woman that doesn’t like to wear strong perfume, then this is for you. It’s lightweight, smells good, no need to put a lot, you can put it in your bag (thank God because I love this thing) and it is really affordable (I bought mine less than $10) Oh, and you can use it after a good work-out so you can smell gooood.

So for me, Dove -Go Fresh Revive body mist pommegrenate & lemon verbena scent
is a  »Must-Have »


 Dove -Go Fresh body mist
1. Go Fresh Cool Essentials Body Mist (cucumber & green tea)
2. Go Fresh Revive Body Mist (pommegrenate & lemon verbena)
3. Go Fresh Rebalance Body Mist (plum & sakura blossom)
4. Go Fresh Energizing Body Mist (grapefruit & lemonglass)
5. Go Fresh Burst Body Mist (nectarine & white ginger)

Did you tried them? What do you think about Dove- Go fresh body mist?
Tell me I’d like to know 🙂

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