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cashmere cardigan
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Laundry by Design Hooded Faux-Fur Belted Wool-Blend Coat
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My Burberry A Special Gift

My Burberry BWL

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Review day: 3 piece hypershine lipgloss set from e.l.f

hypershine lipgloss

Hey beautiful! Today I’m sharing with you my experience with some lipgloss that I got from E.L.F. Yes, E.L.F again. Why? Because I’m a huge fan of them. I bought like 12 products last summer, but unfortunately, I can’t show you them all because most of them are done and my unboxing video disappeared from my laptop  😦  Anyways, let’s talk lipgloss ladies.
So, I bought the 3 piece hypershine lipgloss set from E.L.F (limited edition)

3 hypershine gloss set

Although it is a very good lipgloss and that the price makes it really worth it to buy, as you can see in the previous picture, you can’t really tell that I tried 3 different colors. Am I right?  I realllly thought that there would be a big difference between the shades, but when I applied them on my lips (which are quite dark), I saw no difference between them. I mostly use the vixen and the bubblegum because they are not flashy and they give me a nice shiny look.  I am only using the blossom one when I have to or to mix it with other lipgloss cuz’ this color gives me a weird tone.
Pros: great value it’s $3
Like the smell
Easy to apply
You can easily put it in your purse
I bought it last summer and I still have a lot to use
Cons: It wears off easily
e.l.f. Essential 3 Piece Hypershine Lip Gloss Set

This is the set I bought

e.l.f. Essential Holiday 3 Piece Hypershine Lip Gloss Set

This is the holiday edition

Overall, I like them. I will definitely by some again. Maybe not the set because I want to chose the color I want.
I think it would be a good holiday present for my friend or my sisters thought
Talk soon my beauties.♥


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