Quote of the day: Joy

Today I chose Joy

Hey! It’s quote day! Last week I shared with you an amazing quote that makes me understand that we have to wish for what we truly desire in life, and of course believe in it to the fullest so it can happen. This sunday, im sharing with you a short but important quote about joy.

« Today I choose joy! « 

Yes I choose joy today. Did you?  Being busy, being stressed, being unhappy is a choice. Imagine if we chose to let our pain, our frustrations, our fears,… away just for a day. You’ll change your ways of seeing life. 

Do something funny, think happy joyful things,do something that makes you and your surroundings  happy.  It can only be good for you.

Watch a funny movie, sing your favorite songs, play your favorite games,  make food, go to new places, create new projects with your kids( or siblings, or best friends) they’ll be happy to be a part of it, and you will be happy to bring joy in their lives.

These are just  a few exemples I would do. I hope you’ll find something to bring joy in your life today.



Quote of the day: Believe

wish it, believe it, and it will be so

Yay! It’s quote day! Last week I shared with you an inspiring quote about the emotions that we all need to master in order to be able to increase our potential. Every Sunday i’m looking for some words to elevate myself and today, it’s about belief.

« Wish it, believe it, and it will be so » by Deborah Smith 

More and more, I understand the importance of believing in ourselves and that our environment is a reflection of our thoughts. Today, I’m sharing with you an exercise that I did. It’s simple we simply have to write on a sheet what we believe and what we want to manifest in our lives.
It’s like making a grocery list but with our most cherished desires:
Personally, financially, spiritually, what you want in your relationship with your love, your family and with your friends. In each categories, write what you want and be very precise.Then, you have to repeat that list out loud or read it every single day (as if were  learning a new song) and take action to make your beliefs come true. But do not forget, positive thoughts equal a positive living.
That is why, this quote took all its sense to me. « Wish it, believe it and it will be so »…
So, I wish to become a self made millionaire, who loves her job and who chooses her own hours of work and her own days of work. I wish to be a woman that has success with her blog. To be a confident woman, healthy, cheerful, friendly, happy, friendly, a loving woman… I wish to be a wonderful mother, wife, sister,daughter and friend.
I hope you will try this exercise. It’s always interesting to set goals. Especially, if they are intended to help us to  understand who we are and what we want in life.

-BwL ♥

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Quote of the day: Being beautiful

being beautiful

Hello beautiful!
Today I share with you two quotes that are powerful to me. I say powerful because these words inspire me to believe in myself as a woman, but more importantly as a human being. In the society in which we live, it becomes more and more difficult to take the time to appreciate ourselves because all we see is the negative image of a woman and they try to make us to look like them. Do you feel ugly sometimes? I do. It can happen to anyone. But, the most important thing it’s to give us the chance to believe in ourselves and to learn how to bring out the beauties that lie within us. Don’t do it to please others. Do it because you want to bring joy and positivity in your life.


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Quote of the day: Pure Beauty

Hey! Here are two quotes that I love. Yes it talks about beauty, but not the one that you can see by your style or makeup but the beauty within you. Learn to love yourself and to love others. Life will reward you in every beautiful ways.


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